Agrarian Ciders


Keel farms utilizes a variety of apples grown in western New York state. The gala apple is praised for its semi-sweet characteristics and leads the blend for our hard ciders. Apples are pressed at the orchard and then shipped using no preservatives. Once fermented, we blend in locally-sourced fruits to enhance the flavors in unique ways.


Elderberry Agrarian Cider

Elderberry grows wild throughout Florida's vast swamplands. This dark berry produces a lush, sweet flavor with subtle, earthy tones. These qualities pair perfectly with the fresh apple to present a floral, berry flavor.


Mango Agrarian Cider

Growing best in the southern part of Florida, mango adds more than just a tropical feel to the cider. It also delivers a round and full body. Combined with the natural acidity of the apple, it will leave your mouth watering for more of the succulent fruit.


PinEapple Agrarian Cider

Being grown in Florida since the civil war era, pineapple imparts familiar tropical flavors while contributing a crisp finish to our hard apple cider. The pineapple also delivers the feel of a lighter cider as the citrus notes continuously refresh the palate.


Strawberry-Lime Agrarian Cider

Plant City strawberries provide a fresh fruit bouquet of ripe macerated berries. The lime cuts through the combined sweetness of the apples and strawberries, balancing the flavors and drying out the finish.

Agrarian (adj.): of the land