Keel Farms Agrarian Ale

Our Beers

Honey Ale

At Keel Farms we use bees to pollinate all of our blueberries. We also use the honey not only to add flavor to the beer but to increase fermentability to give a crisp, dry finish. Centennial and Crystal hops add classic sweet pine and floral to the honey bouquet.

Sustain IPA

Papaya was chosen for this beer because, like this IPA, papayas are available all year long. Mosaic and Amarillo hops accentuate the fruity characteristics imparted by the papaya.

Harvest Gose

This old-world sour style is always changing here at the farm. We use this Gose to create seasonal selections that thrive under the lightly soured base beer. Brewed with no hops and only the freshest seasonal ingredients and then pair with a dry hop for unique ever-changing combinations.

Cultivar NEIPA

Heavy and Hazy, this New England-style IPA always delivers a great base for our seasonal agrarian selections. At the end of fermentation, the seasonally fresh selection is given time in the tank with the yeast and then double dry hopped to pair with the fruit.

Farmhouse Saison

Belgian-style Saison fermented with limited temperature control, allows this beer to stretch out and drive unique esters and phenols. We pair this flavor with fruits, vegetables, spices, and herbs to fit the season. Each batch giving you a unique taste of this style.