Keel Farms Agrarian Ale + Cider

Keel Farms Agrarian Ale + Cider was established in October of 2013. Born of a love for handcrafted beer and driven by the limitless taste combinations provided by farm-fresh ingredients, the brewery creates modern and traditional beer styles in small batches on-site at Keel Farms in Plant City, FL. Because local and small is just better.

Our Keel Farms Agrarian Ale + Cider creations abide by the Keel Farms philosophy on cultivation and waste. We work with Florida farmers to make sure that each of our beers and ciders is created with locally-sourced farm-based fruits, vegetables, and products (think honey and coffee). We help repurpose the undesirable or aesthetically unpleasing farm produce destined to become garbage or livestock feed.

Retail Store Hours

Monday – Thursday:
11AM - 9PM

Friday – Saturday:
11AM - 11PM

11 AM – 7PM

The mission of Keel Farms Agrarian Ale + Cider has always been to make beer that creates an experience that brings people together. Handcrafting high-quality, unique beer and cider is our passion and we strive to produce brews that draw you in and keep you coming back for more. The highest compliment you could ever pay us is to gather, celebrate, and enjoy time with loved ones around our brewed labors of love. You can find our brews in select stores or join us at the Keel Farms tasting room to drink, eat, tour, and more!


Keel Farms Tasting Room

Our tasting room is co-located with Keel & Curley Winery.

Live Music
Live music every Friday and Saturday night at 6:00pm.

Tour the winery and brewery Saturday or Sunday.

4 tours each day starting on the hour
1:00pm – 4:00pm.


Keel Farms Agrarian Ale + Cider is always tapping new and seasonal beers. We have 5 signature craft beers and rotate out a wide selection of premiere seasonal selections. To learn more about our selections, please click on 'Beers' or 'Ciders' in the navigation bar. To keep up with all the great news and events that come out of Keel Farms join our mailing list for weekly updates.